Experienced Dental Trauma? We Can Help
By Emergency Dental Center
September 04, 2019
Tags: Dental Trauma  

Your teeth experience wear and tear every single day, and with good preventive dental care, you should ideally be able to keep them for Dental_Emergencyyour entire life. However, what if dental trauma happens? A blow to the mouth cracks or knocks out a tooth, and then what? Well, here at Emergency Dental Center in Manhattan, your dentist, Dr. David Dane, saves teeth that have been damaged by accident, extensive decay, and abscess in order to give you a complete, healthy smile. Read on to learn more!


About that car accident...

You were wearing a seat belt, but your two front teeth struck the steering wheel. You thought they were okay, but now, you are experiencing some problems:

  • Discolored tooth enamel
  • A chip on one tooth and a hairline crack on the other
  • Some mild, but obvious, throbbing toothache pain

Fortunately, teeth with mild damage/infection should respond well to root canal therapy, a restorative treatment that removes damaged and inflamed dental pulp in order to preserve the overall tooth structure.


Other kinds of dental trauma

Avulsed teeth are a common injury to affect those who play contact sports. Fortunately, many teeth that have been injured in this way may often be replanted if you act quickly. Stop any associated bleeding with direct pressure and a clean cloth or 4x4 gauze pad. Then, grasp the tooth by the crown and place its roots into the empty socket.

Hold it there, and head to our Manhattan office. There, Dr. Dane may be able to splint it to adjoining teeth, stabilizing it so the remaining soft tissue and bone can regrow around it.

Other kinds of dental trauma include fractured fillings and crowns, broken orthodontic appliances, cracked dentures, and more. If you have a serious oral health problem or have suffered an accident involving your teeth, gums, or jaw, contact Emergency Dental Center 24/7 for immediate consultation and an appointment if needed.


What's your issue?

Don't wait. If you're in pain, have jaw swelling, drainage in your mouth, or other distressing symptoms, contact Dr. David Dane and his Manhattan team at (646) 992-0930. Your oral health is as important to us as it is to you!