How An Emergency Dentist Can Help You
By Emergency Dental Center
June 02, 2021
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Prompt action is essential in any emergency situation, including dental emergencies. Luckily, your New York, NY, emergency dentist, Dr. David Dane of Emergency Dental Center, offers the care you need should you ever experience an injury or problem with your teeth.

Do you know when to call the emergency dentist?

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a minor and major issue with your teeth. You may worry that you're overreacting or assume that your symptoms will get better in a day or two. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to call the dentist, the worse the problem may become.

Ways your dentist can help you in an emergency

Your emergency dentist can help you protect your oral health by:

  • Treating a gum or tooth abscess: Abscesses are bacterial infections that can affect your gum tissue or the pulp at the center of a tooth. Without treatment, the bacteria could spread to your heart, lungs, and brain and could even trigger a heart attack. If you have an abscess, you'll need antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Root canal therapy, a treatment that removes infected pulp and replaces it with filling, will be needed if you have a tooth abscess. Abscess symptoms may include facial swelling, fever, pus, swollen lymph nodes, and severe, throbbing pain.
  • Restoring your broken tooth: A broken tooth can cut your mouth, interfere with your ability to chew, and cause discomfort. Your emergency dentist will add a crown to the tooth to restore its appearance and your biting ability during your visit to the New York, NY, emergency dental office.
  • Reimplanting your knocked-out tooth: It may be possible to reimplant your tooth in your jaw if you act quickly after an accident. Reimplantation is more likely to be successful if you visit the dentist within about an hour after your tooth was knocked out.
  • Replacing or repairing fillings, crowns, and bridges: A loose filling or damaged or lost crown or bridge are more just cosmetic issues. In fact, these emergencies can cause pain and make it impossible to bite and chew food. Your emergency dentist can replace lost or loose fillings and reattach loose crowns and bridges. If damage to your crown or bridge is severe, you may need a new restoration.

Do you have a dental emergency? Call your emergency dentist in New York, NY, Dr. Dane of Emergency Dental Center, at (646) 992-0930 or (212) 750-1603 to schedule an appointment.