Treating Your Toothache
By Emergency Dental Center
September 25, 2018
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Are Your Teeth Causing You Pain?

Most people are afraid of root canal treatments because of rumors of pain and agony, but that is just a myth. Your East Midtown,toothache Manhattan, NY, general dentist, Dr. David Dane, can help, especially when it comes to getting rid of a toothache.


If your toothache develops an infection or becomes inflamed in the pulp of the tooth, a tissue consisting of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve cells, a root canal may be necessary.

Causes of Pain:

There are several reasons why your tooth may have been infected.

  • Poor dental regimen lead to the formation of cavities, which are a result of eating sugary foods.
  • An unhealthy oral regimen isn't the only thing that can cause your enamel to break and expose the pulp. Cracks and chips can also help bacteria infiltrate the enamel and infect the pulp. Trauma to your teeth may be due to several things, such as playing a sport and sustaining an injury or even a car accident.
  • When you don't brush or floss, the result is the accumulation of plaque, which contains an acid-producing bacteria that breaks down the enamel, the protective layer covering your teeth. This exposes the sensitive layers of the tooth and allows the bacteria to infect the pulp unless the cavity is dealt with immediately.

  • It's also possible to need a root canal because of dental procedures, such as getting a dental crown. The treatment may damage your dental pulp, which will lead to you needing a root canal from your East Midtown, Manhattan, NY, general dentist.

Root canal therapy alleviates toothaches. For more information or to schedule an appointment about your toothache, call your East Midtown, Manhattan, NY, general dentist, Dr. David Dane at (646) 992-0930.