What to Do During a Dental Emergency
By Emergency Dental Center
July 10, 2019
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A dental emergency is frightening. The pain, impacted facial appearance and more require immediate, caring and competent attention. Your New York City emergency dentist, Dr. David Dane, at Emergency Dental Center can provide what you need. You'll get excellent first aid advice and a same-day appointment if you need one.

What is a dental emergency?

It's a very urgent oral health problem which happens suddenly. It may encompass one or more of the following:

  • Persistent toothache pain
  • Swelling of the face, jaw, mouth, or throat
  • Loss of tooth structure or a dental restoration, such as a filling or crown
  • Fractured prosthetic (partial or full denture)
  • Foreign material lodged between two teeth
  • Lateral displacement of one or more teeth
  • Tooth avulsion (knocked out tooth)

While these situations certainly upset the patient, calm heads should prevail. So, Dr. Dane highly recommends understanding some basic dental first aid so you can intervene and relieve pain, bleeding and even tooth loss.

Call Emergency Dental Center in New York City to ensure you're doing the right intervention in the right way. So, keep the office number in your contacts, particularly if you have children in sports.

Responding to an emergency

Here's how to help in a pressing dental situation:

  • Avulsed, or knocked out tooth Rinse the tooth in clear water. Grasp it by the crown, and replant it in the tooth socket. Hold it there, and get to the Emergency Dental Center. If you cannot put it in the empty socket, immerse the tooth in milk or water, and take it to the dental office.
  • Cracked tooth, crown or filling Save the pieces in a plastic bag or other sealed container. Put orthodontic wax over any jagged tooth edges, and call Dr. Dane. He may be able to repair the tooth with composite resin.
  • Laceration Use a clean cloth or 4x4 gauze to apply direct pressure to the wound. If bleeding will nor resolve, go to the emergency room.
  • Something stuck between two teeth Try to dislodge it with dental floss. If unsuccessful, see your emergency dentist for treatment.

We can help you

At Emergency Dental Center in New York City, your emergency dentist will stabilize your urgent problem and restore you to full health and oral function. Call us at (646) 992-0930.