What To Do When You Experience Dental Trauma
By Emergency Dental Center
November 19, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dental Trauma  

When a dental injury happens, your emergency dentist in Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY, Dr. David Dane, offers the treatments you need to protect your smile. Learning basic first aid for the various types of dental trauma will help you ensure that you're prepared should you, a friend or family member experience an injury.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A blow to the face, a fall or a motor vehicle accident can knock out teeth. Fortunately, it may be possible to reimplant knocked-out teeth if you act quickly. Reimplantations are most likely to be successful if you visit the Midtown Manhattan emergency dental office within an hour after your accident.

It's important to keep your tooth moist while you travel to the dental office. Rinse your tooth, then place it back in the socket if possible. If the tooth won't fit back in the socket, don't force it. Instead, place it in a small container and cover it in milk or saline solution.

Loose Tooth

Loose teeth also require emergency dental treatment, particularly if they've moved out of their natural position after a blow to the face. Gently reposition your displaced tooth if you can. If the tooth won't move, leave it alone. Don't chew on the affected side of your mouth or wiggle the tooth with your tongue.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth warrant an emergency call to the dentist. Pain can be a problem when the broken tooth edges are exposed to the air. Applying dental cement from a dental emergency kit sold at drugstores can temporarily ease your pain until you can see the dentist.

Other Injuries

Teeth may be injured even if they look perfectly fine after an injury. Blows to the face can crack tooth roots or inflame the pulp in the center of a tooth. If you're experiencing even mild tooth symptoms after a blow to the face, let your dentist know.

Have you experienced dental trauma? Call Dr. David Dane, your Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY, emergency dentist, at (646) 992-0930 to schedule your appointment.